About Us

Melanin in America was started by Donna Hobley back in July 2017 as a hobby. She had just graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts as a first-generation student. During this time there were continuous deaths of Black people all over the news. Her Melanin face pillows were created as an outlet to break away from the traumatizing narrative and stereotypes that plague those in the Black community. Her pillows were created in a space where she so no representation. 

Her vibrant color choices with various shades of melanated beauty expressed visuals of underappreciated, underrepresented, and misjudged voices. In the hopes to showcase all types of Melanin and to normalize Black faces in none Black spaces she created pillows to include features like Albinism, Vitiligo, Alopecia, African Nations, Wakanda inspirations, etc. This was all done with the intention of showing representation. Every shade of lipstick, piercing, beauty mark, freckle, beard, and every detail on each pillow was to represent the unspoken story of a Black person in society. It was all done to celebrate diversity, personality, and the beauty of Black culture.

While this is meant to reach out to the Black community if you are not black or if you are a POC you are more than welcome to still engage with my brand! It isn't meant to exclude anybody, but rather to show a narrative that is just beginning to be heard in society! As Melanin in America grows I would love for more stories to be created out of this and for Black features to be normalized in all spaces!